Department of Computer Applications

SWAA(Students working on Advanced Applications)

SWAA is a college level technical symposium organised by the Department of Computer Applications, to inspire students in showcasing their talents and to be in touch with tomorrow. Envisaging as a crucial wing of the Students Working on Advanced Applications (SWAA), the technical wing binds together all the technical endeavours of the institute. Ensuring the proper organization of workshops, seminars and trainings with the prime motive to cultivate proficient technological skills in students, the technical club organizes the techno-management festival of the institute.

  • Reach out to students and make them aware of various computer sciences academic and industry trends.
  • Inculcating interest towards technology and enable students to explore their passions and desires in a comfortable environment.

This organization shall meet once a week on Tuesday at 11:45am-12:15pm.

  • Paper Presentation
  • Coding and Decoding
  • Technical Quiz
  • Student Meets
  • Guest Lectures
  • Tech Talks
  • Web Site Design
  • Work Shops
    • Android Applications
    • Web Applications
    • Data Science
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Cloud Computing
    • Network security
    • Deep Learning
    • IOT

List of Events Conducted

Academic Year 2019-20 Notice & Prizes Won

Academic Year 2018-19 Notice & Prizes Won