Graduate Courses

I/III I-Semester I/III II-Semester
CA111 Problem Solving with C CA121 Data Structures in Python
CA112 Computer Organization CA122 Data Base Management Systems
CA113 Operating System Principles CA123 Computer Networks
CA114 Discrete Mathematical Structures CA124 Probability & Statistics
CA115 Accountancy and Financial Management CA125 Management Information Systems
CA151 PC Software Lab CA161 Data Structures in Python Lab
CA152 C Programming Lab CA162 DBMS Lab
CA153 Communication Skills lab CA163 UNIX Shell Programming Lab
II/III I-Semester II/III II-Semester
CA211 Object Oriented Programming through JAVA CA221 .Net Programming
CA212 Web Technologies CA222 Web Services
CA213-Cryptography and Network Security CA223 Design and Analysis of Algorithms
CA214-Operations Research CA224 Elective-I
CA215-Software Engineering CA225 Elective-II
CA251-Java Programming Lab CA261 .Net Programming Lab
CA252-Web Technologies Lab CA262 Web Services Lab
CA253-Technical Seminar & Report Writing Lab CA263 Soft Skills Lab
III/III V-Semester III/III VI-Semester
MCA501 Data Warehousing & Data Mining
MCA 502 .Net Programming
MCA503 Design & Analysis of Algorithms
CA504 Elective - II** MCA601 PROJECT WORK
MCA505 Elective - III*
MCA506 .NET Programming Lab
MCA507 Advanced JAVA Lab
MCA508 Seminar


Elective - I Elective - II Elective - III
MCA 405.1 Grid and Cluster Computing MCA504.1 Embedded Systems MCA505.1 Image Processing
MCA 405.2 Cryptography and Network Security MCA504.2 Mobile Computing MCA505.2 Microprocessors and interfacing
MCA 405.3 Simulation Modeling and Analysis MCA504.3Cloud Computing MCA505.3 Web Engineering